About Annette

Annette is a Queens, NY native that grew up in a working class family. Annette obtained a Bachelor of Science from Cornell University’s School of Industrial & Labor Relations in 1981. In 1984, she graduated from St. John’s University, School of Law. For the next 30 years, Annette worked in the public sector for the New York City Transit Authority, the NYC Department of Transportation and the Long Island Rail Road. In each position she held, she formed close working relationships with the Union Representatives. These working relationships enabled her to resolve many disciplinary cases and helped many union members turn their lives around.

Annette’s negotiation skills excelled in these industrial environments where she worked closely with Union Representatives to find “Win Win” solutions to a variety of workplace problems, labor – management disputes and employee discipline.

Annette would bring Union Representatives into the conversation when counseling employees. Together, Annette & her Union counterpart would try to help the member change his/her behavior to secure his/her employment. Annette sought to seek out a solution that was in the best interests of the Company AND the employee. For example, employees were sent for private confidential counseling for the problem they were encountering. This type of collaborative counseling of employees was very successful in bringing about a complete turnaround of the negative behavior an employee was exhibiting.

Annette has felt that the ball field was not level between management and unions in general. Management always had the upper hand in knowledge of the Labor Relations field. Annette’s training at Cornell taught her that a balance of power between Management and Labor was always a good thing. Annette saw many Union Representatives thrown into the water with no training whatsoever to prepare them to handle the problems of their members. She often sent Union Representatives to internal training programs such as “Identifying the Troubled Employee” to enable them to help their members. When Union Representatives did not know how to proceed in a disciplinary hearing setting, Annette would take them aside and give them the guidelines and tips for conducting themselves in a hearing. Annette believed that if the Union Representatives understood the process, they would be in a better position to settle cases without the need of a formal hearing.

After 30 years of service with the NY MTA, Annette decided to retire in early 2016. Many Union Representatives were very supportive when they heard Annette was considering starting a training program for Union Representatives. They said that they had learned so much from her that they felt other Union Representatives would benefit from her knowledge and expertise. This is how “Train to Win” came into being. Annette is happy to share her knowledge so you will be equipped to handle a variety of problems the day after your training ends.